Besides our own main stream competitions and Area 10 competitions we also run or participate in other events

KENT COUNTY SHOW is the venue for a prestigious Riding Clubs Team Show Jumping competition, which Maidstone & District have won twice in recent years. It is held on the Saturday of the show in one of the main rings, and is a great chance to compete in front of a bigger audience than is usual for Riding Clubs.
Any members interested in taking part should contact the SJ Team manager as listed on the Contact page

PRIX CAPRILLI is a fun competition which combines all the elements of dressage / riding test / jumping in 5 minutes in a 20 x 40 arena. We run it at 3 levels from Walk / Trot / 50cm to Novice / 75cm usually on a warm sunny summer evening at Street Farm Burham! It’s all about smooth, fluent riding – and having fun

QUADRILLES / MUSICAL RIDES from scratch  are something of a club special – we run these at Street Farm with a variety of themes – In 2012 we ran a stirring Jubilee version, most years we get out the tinsel for Christmas, and we also celebrated our president’s 80th birthday a few years ago using music from her younger days.
Riders are given a colour / dress theme – usually wearing club clothing ie red and black, and we practice some simple routines before putting them together. These rides are suitable for any horse and rider – no need to be a dressage diva!

SOCIAL & BEACH RIDES  are a chance to meet other members and let your hair down. We meet at Camber generally on a winter’s morning. If you don’t know anyone to come with we will try to match you up with someone to ride with. Afterwards it’s either chips from the café or we bring along some snacks / mulled wine – whatever suits!
Social rides are run by a member from a venue chosen by them, and gives us all a chance again to catch up, but also to ride somewhere we don’t normally get to. Numbers of participants range from 4 to 20 – if needed we divide into groups. Again these normally include some form of refreshment.